Brand awareness is a marketing communication concept that measures consumers spontaneous knowledge of a brand’s existence. It is a collective phenomenon that is measured at the individual level. At the aggregate level, it refers to the proportion of consumers who know of the brand. When a brand is known, each individual knows it is known. Brand awareness provides the brand with a sense of familiarity and can be a signal of presence, commitment and substance. The logic is that, if a name is recognized, there must be a reason. Brand awareness is an asset that can be extremely durable and thus sustainable. It can be difficult to dislodge a brand that has achieved a dominant awareness level.

Strong brand awareness plays a significant role in the measurement of brand equity and must be generated and sustained with communication campaigns. Each communication campaign can be judged in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency by which it affects brand awareness an by which it creates, maintains or strengthens favorable and unique brand associations. The best awareness rates can be obtained by brands through using a combined strategy of communication campaign and ensuring brand visibility on the finished products. Brand visibility can be defined as the ability for an individual to read the identity of the producer on the product before and when he purchases it or during the normal use of the product.